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HeySoror is a powerful real-time video calling platform that connects women across the globe in a unique way to exchange ideas, experiences, and vision. Fostering meaningful conversations in a safe environment Soror, which means sister, helps women to share their childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

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How it Works?


1:1 live video chatting app connects you with sisters across the world in real-time

Get paired for 15 minutes with another woman to build a connection beyond the known - know more and grow more.

Trending Topic

Wanna know what your sisters think about trending topics? Make friends over shared interests to find similarities and unique differences in live talk groups.

Create a group and be the conversation starter. Feel free to talk about anything and everything with women across the globe in a safe and secured bubble.


Treat yourself to tempting deals on a range of lifestyle products and services.

A wide range of tempting deals to give you another reason for that extra care you deserve.

How it Works?


HeySOROR is a women-exclusive 1:1 videochat platform that connects you with real women beyond your immediate circle on a real-time basis via its first-of-its-kind technology-driven video conversation feature.

Unlike any other platform, we aim to strengthen the concept of women empowerment by celebrating the very essence of being a woman beyond social roles & responsibilities.

Hold meaningful conversations with sisters who resonate with your thoughts and believe that - every great bond starts with a Hey!

To Talk

Chat with women beyond your immediate circle.

To Share

Share your experiences and grow together

To Inspire

Get empowered by hustlers and women entrepreneurs

Our Goals

Authentic peer-to-peer connections on a safe and stable platform that allows you to share your thoughts and evolve among your sisters

Our Goals

Authentic peer-to-peer connections on a safe and stable platform that allows you to share your thoughts and evolve among your sisters

Why Us

Talk. Share. Inspire.

  • A high-speed virtual networking videochat application only for women
  • Authentic peer-to-peer social engagement with no pre-defined agenda
  • Replace meaningless Social Media scrolling with mindful real-time conversations
  • Homemakers, entrepreneurs, artists - we don’t leave anyone behind
  • Great deals on various products to pamper you along the way

Frequently Asked Questions

How is HeySOROR different from other networking platforms?

Your best friend was once a stranger till you said Hey, Sis!

HeySOROR is a women-exclusive platform that gives you an opportunity to open your mind and chat with women through 1:1 video calling in a safe/secure environment.

What can I expect from HeySOROR?

At SOROR - The Sisters Edit, we're on a mission to uplift women across borders by sharing and caring - yes, we rely on basics! We work to bolster the women's community by celebrating our wins and seeking opportunities to promote the incredible work of sisters around the globe!

HeySOROR, a product by SOROR - The Sisters Edit, helps you connect with sisters in real-time on video chats from anywhere across the world to forge alliances. Make friends on our live video chatting app with sisters around the world.

What kind of business goals can HeySOROR help me with?

Think of us like a Technology driven 'Speed Friending' party, which helps you connect with sisters from different parts of the world. We connect you with random women on video chat based on Internet algorithms to:

  • Exchange ideas freely to become our best versions
  • Find ways of women empowerment
  • Look for opportunities to promote other women
  • Explore different perspectives
  • Find tried and tested life hacks
  • Mentor other women
  • Brainstorm business ideas with women entrepreneurs
  • Connect with lateral thinkers from diverse professions and backgrounds
  • Explore the world of women beyond the known
How does 'ChitChat' work?

Our AI algorithm will connect you in random order with users live on the platform at a given time. You won't be connected with the same person more than once, and each video chat shall last for 10 minutes unless you choose to extend the time as mutually agreed upon.

At the end of the conversation, you can share your social media/contact details with the connection, or you may choose not to.

Can I get an introduction to a specific member?

No. Connections are completely random and automated. You cannot choose your connection.

How do introductions happen on 'ChitChat'?

Introduction and conversations are entirely driven by you and your connection. To help you kick-start the conversation, we have provided some icebreaker questions as starters.

At the end of the conversation, you can share your social media/contact details with the connection, or you may choose not to.

How can I stay in touch with my connections?

Just before the connection ends, the app prompts you to 'Share Contact.' If both parties agree to share the contact details, we shall save your public profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) in each other's accounts.

You can find them under 'My Connections' tab on the 'Home Page'.

Can I skip a connection? What happens when I skip a connection?

Yes, you can skip a connection. In case you skip a connection system will work to match you with another user. Please note once you skip a connection, you shall not be paired with that user for live talk again on the same day.

How is 'Trending Topic' different from 'ChitChat'?

HeySOROR has the most advanced matchmaking for virtual networking. The AI-powered system automatically rotates people to their next match.

> 'ChitChat' chat group follows the Round Robin matchmaking format. It is like a master group where no topic is off-limits. You never know where your next conversation might take you.

> 'Trending Topics' chat group allows the users (that's you) to choose the Topic of discussion in advance. While you can still talk about anything, most members that you will find in these groups will be interested in the said Topic, and hence you can dive right into it.

Are there any membership/subscription charges for joining?

Our mobile application is absolutely free to download, and every new user gets a complimentary talk time of 2 hrs.

To continue connecting with sisters worldwide, you can buy talk time by choosing a plan that best suits your requirement. Head over to the 'My Account' option on your HeySOROR app to read about our various talk time packages.

My audio/video is not working! What should I do?

One of the most common causes for this issue with cameras or video is 'Permission.' Please ensure you have given access/permission to our application to access your camera and microphone for seamless virtual networking.

Can I use HeySOROR on my iPhone and Android?

YES, our mobile app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.

Download our app from here:

Is HeySOROR secure? Do my video chats get recorded?

Every 1:1 video chat with HeySOROR is completely secure and never stored in our database. For more, refer to our Privacy Policy.

How do I report an unauthorized person or abuse on the platform?

Anytime during your live video chat, you can report any suspicious profile/person using the 'Report Contact' option. This automatically blocks the other person, and you never get paired with that connection again.

Can I make a group?

NO, HeySOROR only facilitates 1-on-1 chat.

Can I propose a 'Trending Topic'?

YES, users can propose trending topics. Your request for a new group directly goes to the admin for approval. Once approved, the group is created within 24 hours.

For any delays or issues, you may reach us at

How can I make an announcement to all attendees?

You cannot make any announcements on the app. Only the admin, i.e., the HeySOROR team, can send alerts/notifications.

Can I add custom icebreaker questions?

No. Only the admin, i.e. HeySOROR team, can create/delete icebreaker questions. Though you can send us your suggestions at, and we shall take that into consideration.

What happens if there is an odd number of participants?

Since matches are all 1-on-1 in an odd-numbered room, some people will have to wait. This break can be nice after several back-to-back matches and is not something to worry about.

How can I invite my friends on this platform?

YES, absolutely. As a valued member of our community, you have the chance to invite your friends and colleagues from the women community to join. Once on the application, you can use the following two options to invite:

  1. - When you click on this option, you will get a pop-up on your screen to enter your friend's name and email id. We shall then reach out to your friend on the given id and welcome you to the platform.
  2. - Using this option, you can send the link to your friend directly. They can join us by downloading the app from the given link.
Can I use the discount offers and buy the product on the HeySOROR application?

No. HeySOROR is not yet a marketplace, but we have curated some trending deals and offers exclusively for you to enjoy at our partner websites.

List of Features on HeySOROR
  1. - ChitChat. One-on-one video conversation

  2. - Trending Topics. Wanna know what your sisters think about a topic of interest?

  3. - List of deals and offers exclusively curated for the HeySOROR community.

  4. - Share your friends' contact for us to invite to join the community. 
  5. - Share the link with your friends to join the HeySOROR community.

  6. - Alerts and Notification by the team HeySOROR.

  7. - My Connections. List of all your connect at HeySOROR application .

  8. - Your Profile. Details of your talk time and account details.

  9. - All your past payment and talk time details will be listed here. You choose to buy additional minutes from here using our payments gateway.

  10. - All your account relegated settings including your social media details can be accessed from here.

  11. - Option to go mute if needed

  12. - Initiate chat during your video chat.

  13. - Access icebreaker questions

  14. - Report Contact

  15. - Drop from a connection

  16. - This option on top of your screen will indicate the time left for the connection and also give you an option to increase the time by 5 minutes once.


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