Can online connections be a substitute for in-person connections?

No, it cannot, but they can be a good & effective complementary tool.

Let’s play a few day-to-day scenarios:

1. Home Makers: You are free for 2-3 hours in the day but can’t step out as you have a delivery scheduled at home or you do not have anyone to take the pets out for a walk.

2. Working Women: You have enough time while traveling to and back from work, but not enough to stop for a coffee or for a chat as you need to be on the move.

3. Entrepreneur: You are 24/7 on duty and hence always on the go. And you need quick opinions, point of view, or exit to be able to clear your mind.

4. New Mom: Your baby does sleep like a baby, but you can’t just leave him /her sleeping alone at home, and you need to share your feelings with someone. Someone who can understand the changes in your body.

These are some of the many everyday situations that we are all living through on a day-to-day basis. And while nothing can replace an in-person meeting with a close friend, a hug from a confidant, or holding hands with your sister, HeySOROR can help you have an eye to talk to, and a sister to relate to within the comforts of your house.   

On the HeySOROR app, you never know when you will find your soul sister or friend willing to Talk, Share and Inspire. Unlike any other platform, we aim to connect women to empower the very essence of being a woman beyond their social roles & responsibilities. 

Connect with mothers, women entrepreneurs, housewives, teachers, and other sisters to feel the essence of being a woman and take out time for the little meaningful chit-chats. 

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