How to Avoid Feelings of Social Isolation When You’re Alone

According to researchers, feelings of loneliness aren’t always attributed to being physically alone. Sometimes there’s an element of self-isolation that drives up feelings of loneliness, and this is especially higher in women. Two key reasons are:

  • Women tend to value close one-on-one relationships. But because these types of relationships take more time and energy to maintain than acquaintances, women have fewer relationships that stave off loneliness.
  • If and when these close relationships end, women may be primed to feel great loneliness. For social and cultural reasons, they are also relatively likely to admit that they’re lonely.

But how can we avoid/manage this social isolation:

1. Trying New Things / Find a hobby

Being alone might not always feel great, but it presents a rare opportunity for growth and to try new things. Learning to paint or starting a new book or trying that new cookbook. 

It’s not often that we get to spend such an extensive amount of time with ourselves. All too often we’re scared to try new things because we feel an impending wave of judgment.

2. Join social groups

Getting along with like-minded sisters who share the common love of talking and sharing is so therapeutic! You can join local groups/communities to actively participate in fun activities, social services, meaningful conversations, and the alike. 

How Can Technology Help?

Fortunately, we have some great apps on the market that can help you get started and guide you through the process of finding a new hobby or joining a social group etc.

But we are social animals. We all need that social connection. We need to be able to look at someone and talk our heart out, listen to another person, learn from others’ journeys. Yes, mindless scrolling through social media posts has filled some part of the void, but it has also created distance between humans.

And that’s where HeySOROR comes in.  

At HeySOROR, we aim to bring back the lost art of small talk.

On the HeySOROR app, you never know when you will find your soul sister or friend willing to Talk, Share and Inspire. Unlike any other platform, we aim to connect women to empower the very essence of being a woman beyond their social roles & responsibilities. 

Connect with mothers, women entrepreneurs, housewives, teachers, and other sisters to feel the essence of being a woman and take out time for the little meaningful chit-chats. 

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