Why Video Chat Matches Matter?

The new way to video chat.

Virtual events are the new way to host icebreakers, networking events, remote happy hours, and so much more.

But all of the resources that you put into your virtual event or conference are worth nothing unless your attendees are actually engaged.

One of the biggest complaints attendees have about virtual events is the awkwardness of breakout sessions. Attendees are often thrust into randomly-assigned breakout rooms in which they force small talk with a large group of other mostly-unengaged attendees.

How Does Video Chat Matches Work?

It’s personal, it’s real, and it’s one on one, giving you some personal time to focus on one person and really get to know the person. 

  • Podcasts help people express views, but it’s one-sided. It doesn’t give you the option/opportunity to interact and go deep into a topic.
  • Clubhouses are a great platform to conduct large group discussions, but sometimes it can be quite intimidating for a few to speak up.
  • Social groups are again another great way to meet people of a specific field/background and profession. But how do you know you will not get along with people from different field/background and profession?

The better alternative is to use a video chat platform that does this for you.

HeySOROR is a 1:1 random video calling app exclusively designed for women who can connect in real time with sisters across the world. 

On the HeySOROR app, you never know when you will find your soul sister or friend willing to Talk, Share and Inspire. Unlike any other platform, we aim to connect women to empower the very essence of being a woman beyond their social roles & responsibilities. 

Connect with mothers, women entrepreneurs, housewives, teachers, and other sisters to feel the essence of being a woman and take out time for the little meaningful chit-chats. 

Key Features:

1. ChitChat

  • Have real conversations through live videochat
  • Make friends with real sisters for some 1:1 personal time on Live Video Chatting App
  • Live video and text chat options 

2. Trending Topics

  • Start a pointed conversation or shared interests in the ‘Trending Topic‘ chat section
  • Know your sisters’ views on topics that matter to you 

3. Deals

  • Explore a range of exclusive deals on lifestyle products 

Extra Features:

  • Complimentary 2 hrs talk time for new users
  • Earn extra talk time with our ‘Refer-N-Earn’ option to chat with women
  • Dedicated section of ‘Your Connections’ to keep track of all your connections.
  • Icebreaker question to help you kickstart great conversation


  • The app is exclusively designed for women empowerment
  • Video chats are private and safe
  • Report or Block users that are acting against expected behavior 
  • Share contact only upon mutual agreement
  • Extend video chat only upon mutual agreement 
  • No live talk is recorded or stored with app developers
  • User’s profile information is never shared with any third party

For more, refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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