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Culture is the art elevated to a set of beliefs” - Thomas Wolfe. Celebrating the timeless art and prevalent culture is Sororedit. The Sororedit community firmly believes that it is the arcane art and embracing culture that pools humankind together, spreading love, laughter and inspiration. Arts and culture have been the vital and the most significant force that frees us and destroys the chain of notions we have been fettered to. Arts and culture are liberating and involving simultaneously, uniting humanity and allowing them to be more humane.


Celebrating and preserving the vitals of art and culture is our community. Sororedit is a women-led community that strives to bring together and empower women from every corner. Featuring the most profound and engaging arts and culture articles, Sororedit endeavours to preserve and glorify the art and culture to immortalise it and ensure that it is being revered and practiced across the globe.