About Us

SORROR - The Sisters Edit is the online community that connects women around the globe, forging alliances to "Unlock the untapped 50% potential of this WORLD"

  • Women are 24% more likely to permanently lose their jobs in these testing / changing times compared to men.
  • To meet the Challenge of the Future of Work, women across the world may need to Upskill and Transition to New Industries.

At SOROR we are on a mission to talk openly, honestly, and share with each other. With a goal to empower each other by being a role model, offer support, celebrate each other's wins, and look for opportunities to promote other women.

Our Founder

Soror Founder

To Dream big, Deliver and a Desire to keep learning have been the 3 D's of my life. Like many others, I too had based my definition of success on my corporate career as the singular source of truth but in reality I am also someone who cares a lot for my family and friends like family. And hence when I started my own family I made the big decision to take a pause and give my 100% to my kid and my family.

However I felt there was still something amiss, no adrenaline rush to create new waves, new dreams to push for, I felt I wasn't being true to my own values of bringing the sense of family and friends like family to the larger community.

After much procrastination and dilemma, I am proud to share the confluence of my background and my desire to shape the world around me: 'SOROR - The sisters edit'.

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Tulika Garg Bhatia

Soror Founder