About Us

SOROR - The Sisters Edit is your space to share your struggles, give or get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. SOROR is the source of strength that brings together women from all walks of life. Whether you need help navigating your new business or your work or looking for support from women who understand what you’re going through. SOROR is the platform that helps you make connections worldwide, building bonds to
"Unlock the untapped 50% potential of this world"
  • Compared to men, women have a 24% higher chance to be unemployed in these testing / changing times.
  • To keep up with the challenging Future of Work, women worldwide must find new ways to adapt and upskill themselves.

At SOROR, we are on a quest to talk, share and empower one another to champion various spheres we are a part of. Intending to uplift each other - being role models, offering support, celebrating each other's wins, and looking for opportunities to promote other women, we are on a journey to establish ourselves in areas unexplored. Together, we are discovering opportunities while creating some to restore equality, positioning each other as the changemakers of society.

How do we do it? We are constantly innovating, upgrading and trying new ways to use technology to help us bring women together.

Our 1st step is our online blogging community:

This platform allows us to talk about things from all walks of our lives, including Health and Wellness, Child Care, Recipes, Life Experiences and Learnings, Legal and Money Matters, Business Tips and anything else.

Above all "Celebrating each other's success and motivating one another to win" is what we wish to relay and impart the same among all the sisters worldwide.

Join this vibrating young community of women who have decided to be a powerful force for change in the world.

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