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Tulika Garg Bhatia

Introducing the Mastermind Behind SOROR: The Sisters Edit - Tulika Garg Bhatia

Say hello to Tulika Garg Bhatia - a woman of many talents who has created an empowering platform for women around the globe.

As a mother, professional, and philanthropist, Tulika recognized a void in the community that needed to be filled. She leveraged her passion for technology to create SOROR: The Sisters Edit, a vibrant platform that aims to shape the future of women's community by providing a safe space to Talk, Share & Inspire.

Tulika's Journey of 'Lost & Found'

Tulika has an academic background, with her father being a CEO of a large Indian conglomerate, her mother a housewife, and she has two sisters. She graduated with BSc. Statistic Honors from Delhi University's Lady Shri Ram College for Women and nurtured her philanthropic side by teaching visually challenged children for over two years, assisting them to graduate. Tulika comes from an academic background, with her father being a CEO of a large Indian conglomerate, her mother a housewife, and 2 sisters.

A couple of years later, after completing her MBA from the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, Tulika worked with giants like HSBC Bank & American Express India for an incredible ten years.

As she moved ahead, building a loving family, she realized she had in some way, lost her sense of personal drive and passion.

The Emergence of SOROR

With a growing sense of emptiness, Tulika's heart yearned for a beautiful world where she could make an impact. She envisioned a sisterhood that understands responsibilities, joys, and challenges, fostering warmth and compassion among women worldwide.

This led her to lay the foundation of her dream venture - 'SOROR - The Sisters Edit.'

What started as a blog inviting thousands of inspiring writers and intrigued readers, is now being turned into a mobile app that will reach, connect and enable millions of women all over the world.

Tulika strongly believes that women need spaces to be fearlessly vulnerable, which is why SOROR provides a safe space on the internet for women to dwell with their SOROR sisters, unapologetically. With her impact using tech, Tulika has brilliantly created a community that evolves together, making a habitat worth living and cherishing.

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