How do ‘Trending Topic’ help you know what other women are thinking?

In today’s time-pressed world, it’s harder to stay in touch with social realities and get unfiltered views on topics of interest. 

Online networking communities have helped people connect with others even when faced with physical and logistical challenges. HeySOROR’s ‘Trending Topic’ helps users do precisely that! 

Like public debates and discussions, HeySOROR has been created as a meaningful way to connect with people. HeySOROR is a social app for round-robin, 1:1 video calls in a room. 

You can use HeySOROR’s ‘Trending Topic’ to talk and share with women from around the world and understand diverse views directly from the horse’s mouth – unfiltered and unbiased! This feature allows us to have a pointed conversation on a topic of your interest!  

If we need an inclusive, diverse society, we need to start accepting and understanding diverse views, and HeySOROR is just the place for you. In a safe, secure space, you can voice your opinions and hear views with absolutely no fear of judgment or societal pressures.


Can I propose a topic?

  • Yes, you can, and you must. If we want an inclusive world, we must start with ourselves and ensure we learn/respect diverse views. 

How do I join an existing conversation?

  • Just click on the topic of choice, and you will be added to the group/room, where our AI will connect you following round-robin style calls.

Download your HeySOROR app now and start talking to sisters willing to hear. Because YOU matter. 

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