How to have a successful ‘ChitChat’ with IceBreaker Questions

With the past few years preventing meeting people in person, we have resorted to social media and online video calls for building new relationships. 

And while online speed friending can be both successful and enjoyable, it can be a bit overwhelming to think of a way to get started. In situations like these, good speed friending questions, or the ‘Ice Breaker Questions’ as we call them, can be very fruitful and result in hour-long conversations. 

So if you think you are shy when it comes to talking to strangers or networking beyond your immediate peer group or just a mind fog on what to talk about, feel free to use our fun ice breaker questions and have a healthy conversation.

Even with a perfect match, these icebreakers act as a “social lubricant” to engage even more.

Some common questions: 

Can I send these in messenger, or do I have to read them?

  • You can do either. You can click on them, and the question will show as a text message to your connection, or you may say it. (Tip: saying it out loud is more fun)

Where can I find these Ice Breaker Questions?

Click on the link below to download HeySOROR app and test its fun features, right now.

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